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Payroll Manual & Computerised - 6th Edition

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Payroll Manual & Computerised - 6th Edition9780717150434€25.99

New edition of this popular text reflects all budgetary changes in relation to the operation of the PAYE system for FETAC Level 5 Payroll students.

New to this edition:
     i)Introduction of the new Universal Social Charge, which came into effect on 1 January 2011
     ii)Incorporates all relevant PRSI changes.

• Contains a workbook consisting of blank documents, which are essential for ease of completion of the many questions and exercises throughout the book.
• Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain payroll records and to use both manual and computerised payroll systems.
• Explains the overall Irish tax system clearly and concisely, while also detailing the accumulative, emergency and temporary tax systems.
• Non-software specific, this book is compatible with any software a learner might be using.
• Provides data for entry and contains graded questions, many with sample answers.
• Includes sample exam papers.

Written For:
• Payroll – Manual & Computerised FETAC Level 5.

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